I Am Hear

I Am Hear

I Am Hear features interviews with people active in the RPG community. The people featured are podcasters, artists, musicians, game designers, crafters, and so much more.​ I Am Hear is a platform where women, non-binary people, people of colour, and members of the LGBTQ+ community tell their stories and talk about what inspires them to play/create/listen/run RPGs, why representation in tabletop gaming matters, and what they want to see in the various RPG communities.

I Am Hear is ME. It’s saying I’m Here. Hear Me. I belong. I am welcome. I’m not going anywhere.

I Am Hear is YOU. It's saying you’re here. You deserve to be heard. You are welcome. You belong. And please don’t go anywhere. You are wanted.

New episodes release weekly on Tuesdays.

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    S02 E07: Amanda McLoughlin + Eric Silver - Multitude Productions

    Amanda and Eric from Multitude Productions (Join the Party, Spirits, Horse, Potterless, and Waystation) sit down to talk about D&D, being Good Humans (like Chad), Toxic Masculinity, why they do what they do, the work and intention they put into Join the Party

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    S02 E06: Fay Onyx - Writing Alchemy

    Fay and I talk about hir show and website, Writing Alchemy, how important accessibility in RPGs and RPG Podcasting is, the importance of checking our language, and what it means to be neurodivergent and the ever-evolving language in our society. We also chat about hir upcoming game, Magic Goes Awry.

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    S02 E05: DC (Dungeon Commandr)

    DC and I sit down to talk about Mutants in the Night: how it fosters fighting oppression in a healthy way, encourages still having fun, champions self care instead of vices. We also chat about how it came to be, what inspires DC, the importance of community in their game and in real life, how they strive for positivity and uplifting those who need uplifting, and how important it is to find your people and find belonging.

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    S02 E04: Deven Rue - Rue Ink

    Deven Rue, Cartographer Extraordinaire from Rue Ink, sits down to talk about Deven's artistic processes, inspirations, what visual impairment means for her profession, how she started mapmaking for a living, the beauty of a community that gives, and how much she loves the RPG Community.

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    S2 E03: Brie Beau Sheldon

    Brie Beau and I talk about selfies, self image, exploring identity through selfies and self-portraiture, game safety and consent in play, character agency,

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    S02 E02: Misha Bushyager

    Misha and I sit down and talk about game design, what inspires and pushes Misha to create, how she moves through and past mistakes, her experience being a black woman in the RPG community, how important it is to showcase black women, and not just black women who show-case euro-centric beauty norms, and so much more.

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    S02 E01: Megan Scharlau - Tabletop Potluck

    And we're back! Megan Schlarlau, member of the Actual Play one-shot podcast Tabletop Potluck, sits down to talk about her experiences in the community, how games can be mechanically more inclusive, how easy it is to be inclusive and diverse, and what it means to see yourself represented in RPG media.

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    E19: Therin Stapp - Interference and Roll Like A Girl

    Therin Stapp, co-creator of the Audio Drama Interference and player-soon-to-be-GM on the 5E D&D Actual Play Roll Like A Girl, sits down to talk about her experiences in the community, how to foster an open table, how D&D forges relationships, and D&D in the library.

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    E18: Kira Magrann

    Kira Magrann, TTRP and LARP designer, sits down to talk about queer communities, the overlap of queer and gaming communities, growing up, always learning, and never shutting our hearts and minds to new information, identities, and understanding.

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