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I Am Hear

I Am Hear features interviews with people active in the RPG community. The people featured are podcasters, artists, musicians, game designers, crafters, and so much more.​ I Am Hear is a platform where women, non-binary people, people of colour, and members of the LGBTQ+ community tell their stories and talk about what inspires them to play/create/listen/run RPGs, why representation in tabletop gaming matters, and what they want to see in the various RPG communities.

I Am Hear is ME. It’s saying I’m Here. Hear Me. I belong. I am welcome. I’m not going anywhere.

I Am Hear is YOU. It's saying you’re here. You deserve to be heard. You are welcome. You belong. And please don’t go anywhere. You are wanted.

New episodes release weekly on Tuesdays.

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    S03 E06: Fay Onyx - Writing Alchemy

    Fay and I talk about hir show and website, Writing Alchemy, how important accessibility in RPGs and RPG Podcasting is, the importance of checking our language, and what it means to be neurodivergent and the ever-evolving language in our society. We also chat about hir upcoming game, Magic Goes Awry.

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    S03 E05: DC (Dungeon Commandr)

    DC and I sit down to talk about Mutants in the Night: how it fosters fighting oppression in a healthy way, encourages still having fun, champions self care instead of vices. We also chat about how it came to be, what inspires DC, the importance of community in their game and in real life, how they strive for positivity and uplifting those who need uplifting, and how important it is to find your people and find belonging.

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    S03 E04: Deven Rue - Rue Ink

    Deven Rue, Cartographer Extraordinaire from Rue Ink, sits down to talk about Deven's artistic processes, inspirations, what visual impairment means for her profession, how she started mapmaking for a living, the beauty of a community that gives, and how much she loves the RPG Community.

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    S3 E03 - Brie Beau Sheldon

    Brie Beau and I talk about selfies, self image, exploring identity through selfies and self-portraiture, game safety and consent in play, character agency,

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    S03 E02: Misha Bushyager

    Misha and I sit down and talk about game design, what inspires and pushes Misha to create, how she moves through and past mistakes, her experience being a black woman in the RPG community, how important it is to showcase black women, and not just black women who show-case euro-centric beauty norms, and so much more.

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    S03 E01: Megan Scharlau - Tabletop Potluck

    And we're back! Megan Schlarlau, member of the Actual Play one-shot podcast Tabletop Potluck, sits down to talk about her experiences in the community, how games can be mechanically more inclusive, how easy it is to be inclusive and diverse, and what it means to see yourself represented in RPG media.

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    IPM E37 - RPG One-Shot: Iron Hides

    International Podcast Month: Wardens Clementine and Jim can't seem to enjoy a simple reprieve without a monster worming it's way into it.

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    IPM E36 - RPG-AD Minisode: 20 Sided Stories

    International Podcast Month: Kanto’s Most Wanted: Along their journey so far, Pokemon trainers Xander, Candace, and Skip have done some questionable things in the eyes of the law. It seems now that it all may finally be catching up with them.

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    IPM E34 - RPG One-Shot: Formative

    International Podcast Month: Our transforming characters learn to love each other and themselves as we learn that the true monsters are people who snore. (just kidding)

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    IPM E32 - RPG One-Shot: World Wide Wrestling

    International Podcast Month: In what will surely be called "The Greatest Moment In The History Of Our Sport," Jeff, Taylor, Arp, and Neal step into the squared circle for a special playthrough of Nathan D. Paoletta's World Wide Wrestling.

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    IPM E30 - RPG One-Shot: Demigods

    International Podcast Month: These modern day demigods must struggle to find their place among the mortals around them, and in a war between pantheons new and old.

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    IPM E28 - RPG One-Shot: Love & Justice

    International Podcast Month: Join this sweet magical girl adventure of Love & Justice, a Lasers & Feelings hack. It's so dang sweet you'll get a toothache!

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    IPM E26 - RPG One-Shot: Tales from the Loop

    International Podcast Month: These girls are up to no good And there’s something strange in the woods The poor boys are scared But we’ll take that dare

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    IPM E25 - RPG One-Shot: Call of Cthulhu

    International Podcast Month: Two College Students are returning home after a fun weekend playing D&D at a games con. Though a storm is brewing and seems our two students rolled low on luck. How will they survive in this night of storms, lights, and strange people? Take shelter in the diner and find out within the Call of Cthulhu.

    **Warning: Contains Violence, Horror Elements, Death and D&D Jokes

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    IPM E23 - RPG One-Shot: Aberrant, Community Service

    Listen in as Liz, OGBrownSugar and Xander work their way through a homebrew one shot set in the White Wolf rpg, Aberrant. Three people have been sentenced to 200 hours of community service. On a hot August day in Los Angeles, while on the highway picking trash several catastrophes happen all at once triggering The Event. How do these, not necessarily good, people deal with the trauma to come? Well, here’s a shotgun. Welcome to the Medical Team.

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    IPM E22 - AD Minisode: At The End Of The Line - Zeppelin

    International Podcast Month: At The End Of The Line brings you a lost episode from one Richard Oliver’s previous podcasts, The Thirteen Colonies By Zeppelin. After agreeing to transport some prisoners strange events consume the zeppelin such as drastic changes in behaviour, technical failures and bizarre sightings. Is this caused by the prisoners or is it whoever is trying to get to them?

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    IPM E21 - RPG One-Shot: D&D 5E - To Hell and Back

    International Podcast Month: Join us on an icy adventure through literal frozen hell as our heroes slip, slide, and boot scoot down into the darkness where demons and devils fight, and an ancient treasure lays in wait...

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    IPM E19 - RPG One-Shot: Star Wars

    International Podcast Month: The Empire is trying to destroy the last bits of the Rebellion, and meanwhile, three friends are on a quest to meet the famous performer Max Rebo. They step out of a speeder in front of Jabba’s palace, just in time to see a mysterious cloaked figure walk confidently into the palace. Who is this cloaked figure, and can they get to Max Rebo before any real trouble breaks out?

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    IPM E18 - RPG One-Shot: Descent Into Midnight

    International Podcast Month: An oasis of life thrives surrounded by an infinite expanse of kelp, and the only answers to the encroaching shadows are the silvery Mouths which dot the reef and endanger those who live within.

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    IPM E17 - RPG One-Shot: Star Wars, Force and Destiny

    International Podcast Month: Welcome to the fantastical planet of Weik where the science of Star Wars meets the fantasy of Dungeons & Dragons. A village has gone silent and it is up to three unlikely heroes to discover the cause.

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    IPM E16 - AD Minisode: Kane and Feels - Carrying Off A Changeling

    International Podcast Month: Far away from a city that never sleeps, Two men are called to fight a threat that those around them simply can’t feel or fathom. If you want to disprove one thing and end up proving everything else, then you might need the consultancy of Kane and Feels: Paranormal Investigators.

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    IPM E15 - RPG One-Shot: Fiasco, A 1950s Harry Potter Variant

    International Podcast Month: Grindelwald's defeated, but the wizarding world is still full of secrets and lies. Who emptied Mercutio Fletcher's Gringotts vault? What's in Admin Room F-326? And how do you cope when someone close to you isn't what you thought?

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    IPM E13 - RPG One-Shot: Dungeon World

    Welcome to Harvest--the "Happiest City On Earth," shrouded in mystery, and seemingly appearing out of nowhere. Where did it come from, and what terrors lurk underneath? Our heroes--Tate, elven bard and wielder of a devastating magical horn, and Carmine Cobblestone, priest of the Goddess Of Cities--have been dispatched to find out.

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    IPM E11 - RPG One-Shot: Legends of Hyrule

    Today for IPM, Nora takes Rhi, Cole, and Pete on a Legend of Zelda adventure in Legends of Hyrule, a Zelda fan game designed by Nora herself!

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    IPM E10 - RPG One-Shot: Numenera

    International Podcast Month: The town of Harmouth has been cut off from the sea by an ominous green corruption in the waters outside the breakwater. This corrosive slime chokes the life out of any creature that swims through it and disrupts the functioning of Numenera.

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    IPM E08 - RPG One-Shot: Blades in the Dark

    International Podcast Month: Join the Broomstick Banshees as they sneak into Lord Kinclaith's private gala on a mission to rescue a young engineer from a life of underpaid contract work! Will there be Action? Probably. Intrigue? Hopefully. An epic boat chase through the canals letting our heroes escape by the skin of their teeth but leaving someone injured cradled in the arms of a friend? Our ratings can only hope.

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    IPM E06 - RPG One-Shot: All Outta Elder Signs

    International Podcast Month: Today’s game, like most All Outta Bubblegum games, is mostly a comedy, but it does feature some horror themes, descriptions of gore, creepy crawlies, hauntings, and giant eldritch horrors from the Cthulhu mythos. It also involves a whole lot of kicking butt. Just wanted to give you fair warning before we dived right into this. Will all of that out of the way, on with the show. Enjoy!

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    IPM E05 - AD Minisode: Interference

    International Podcast Month: Making a podcast requires quite a bit of editing, especially when it’s interrupted by static and strange bits of sound. Enjoy this collection of cuttings from Jacq and Geneva’s podcast.

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    IPM E03 - RPG One-Shot: Monster of the Week

    International Podcast Month: Content Warning - GORE Join as Megan, Kyle, Bianca, and and Liz play a homebrew scenario of Monster of the Week based on Jazz's experiences as a child in flyover country. So pull up a chair, grab an ear of corn, and prepare yourself for a fun romp in small-town American Midwest. The monsties are out there.

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    IPM E02 - RPG One-Shot: Risus

    International Podcast Month: Lox the Matlox, Koakko the Akkorokamui, and Mara the Alp are unlikely friends-- with vampires, slender men, and werewolves hogging all the attention at North America's premier school for cryptids, it's tough for the less popular creatures to make an impact. When the school falls on hard times, however, it's up to this group of outsiders to find a way to make cryptozoology cool again in the age of social media. Fortunately, there is an imminent gathering of prominent influencers at InstaCamp in the California Redwood Forests, and these creepy cuties have a plan to make a splash.

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    IPM E01 - RPG One-Shot: Star Wars, Edge of the Empire

    International Podcast Month: A team is recruited to investigate what caused an outbreak of madness on the luxury cruise liner, the Pulsar Quest. Armed with little more than their wits and an antidote, they encounter more then they bargained for as they try to navigate an opulent maze.

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    IPM Hype

    Hype hype hype for International Podcast Month this September 2018!

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    E19: Therin Stapp - Interference and Roll Like A Girl

    Therin Stapp, co-creator of the Audio Drama Interference and player-soon-to-be-GM on the 5E D&D Actual Play Roll Like A Girl, sits down to talk about her experiences in the community, how to foster an open table, how D&D forges relationships, and D&D in the library.

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    E18: Kira Magrann

    Kira Magrann, TTRP and LARP designer, sits down to talk about queer communities, the overlap of queer and gaming communities, growing up, always learning, and never shutting our hearts and minds to new information, identities, and understanding.

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    E17: Cole Burkhardt - Every Podcast You Love

    Cole Burkhardt, voice actor and podcast extraordinaire, who voices on virtually every podcast ever, talks about their bi-racial experiences, exploring their black heritage through game play, the importance of diversity and sharing the community, their love of collaborative gameplay and world building, the brilliance that is the 'X' card system, and how we can be a better, inclusive, and open community.

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    E16: Adam Koebel

    Adam Koebel, co-designer of the award-winning Dungeon World TTRPG and ridiculously fun twitch-streamer, talks about game design, designing with intention, care, and openness, teaching roleplaying, streaming, and the love for the games, the community, and generally being excited about how games impact our lives.

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    E15: Ethan Schoonover (Mr. E)

    Mr. E sits down to talk about introducing D&D to his school and students, why it's important to him to see his students have a positive first experience with the game, and how impactful D&D has been for the girls, for him, and for the community.

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    E14: Pride Month Special - Queer RPG Characters

    With Pride Month coming to an end, I wanted to help celebrate and honour the LGBTQ+ community. We all want to be understood, be accepted into open and loving arms, be part of a safe community, and ultimately, have our stories heard. #HearOurStories is a Pride Month Special focused on hearing a collection of stories from the community about their beloved LGBTQ+ RPG characters.

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    E13: Rhi - The Magpies Podcast

    Rhi, creator and GM of the Blades in the Dark actual-play podcast The Magpies, talks about her love of the Blades in the Dark system, her foray into RPGs, what she's doing to make her games more accessible and inclusive, and her experience in the community.

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    E12: Meghan Dornbrock - Modifier & Tales from Thedas

    Meghan Dornbrock, host of the RPG Discussion show Modifier, and GM and host of the yet-launched Actual-Play Dragon Age podcast, Tales from Thedas, talks about accessibility, her experiences in the RPG community with a visual impairment, how important representation of disabled peoples is, her various cool projects, and how we can be a more accessibility-friendly community.

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    E11: Haley & Vee - Storybrewers

    Haley and Vee, the brilliant team behind Storybrewers Roleplaying Games and creators successful Jane Austen RPG game, Good Society, talk about what fuels their creative and design process, how their life experiences influence their creations, and how the act of design is still play, and how regardless of designing or playing games, the delight of story building is so powerful.

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    E10: Julia Highsmith

    Julia Highsmith, Illustrator, Artist, and Crafter of beautiful pride dice, talks about their experiences in D&D, their love of the game and how it has connected them to friends, and the importance of the intersection of self identity and hobby.

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    E09: Quinn Wilson - Swallows of the South

    Quinn Wilson, GM and host of the actual-play podcast, Swallows of the South, talks about removing toxicity in the RPG community, checking privilege, and the importance and weight of tables being a safe space for vulnerability.

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    E08: Kat Kruger - D20 Dames

    Kat Kruger, GM and host of the D20 Dames Actual-Play Dungeons and Dragons podcast, talks about storytelling, writing adventures, her biracial experience in D&D, the importance of visibility and diverse experiences both at the table and at game development, and how important it is for women to be visible at conventions playing RPGs, running RPGs, and sitting on panels talking about RPGs.

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    E07: Curt, Sammie, and Birdie - Dungeons & Dragons & Daughters

    Curt and his twin nine-year-old daughters, Sammie and Birdie, of the Dungeons and Dragons Actual-Play podcast Dungeons & Dragons & Daughters, talk about being girls playing D&D, what they love about playing with their dad, and all sorts of additional silliness. Sammie and Birdie show that any girl can (and should!) play RPGs.

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    E06: Renee Rhodes - Fate and the Fablemaidens

    Renee Rhodes, GM and host of the Dungeons and Dragons Actual-Play podcast Fate and the Fablemaidens, talks about physical health, mental health, disabilities, and how they can drastically affect the creative brain, how we can use RPGs to explore the abilities or skills we wish we could have or don’t currently have in our real lives, how RPGs empower us to be whomever we want to be, and the strength of community.

    Note: We had to stop recording at one point, and the second part of the recording ended up with some weird audio, hence the switch in quality at around the 30-minute mark. Apologies, and hopefully you can still enjoy the episode!

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    E05: Mel Fox - Get Hype

    Mel Fox, co-creator and host of the fantastic and generally happy and lovely podcast, Get Hype, talks about gender-fluidity, embracing whomever you are in the moment label-free, how we can make tables a more supportive and safe place to play, and how exploring gender identity should be encouraged in RPGs.

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    E04: Victoria Rogers - The Broadswords

    Victoria Rogers, GM and Host of the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Actual-Play Podcast The Broadswords, talks about intersectional feminism, embracing femininity, and telling stories from a decidedly woman-specific perspective.

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    E03: Nora Blake

    Nora Blake, Game Designer, co-host of the White Lotus Radio and Holosuite Hearts podcasts, and player on the actual-play podcast Lost Library, talks about being trans and the exploration of identity through roleplaying, the importance of language, and what change looks like in the RPG community.

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    E02: Christine Prevas - The Unexplored Places

    Christine Prevas, GM and show runner of the actual-play Monsters of the Week podcast The Unexplored Places, talks about telling queer stories, how the tabletop game design community needs to change to include trans and gender non-conforming people, and how essential it is for GMs to make space at the table and be conscientious and kind.

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    E01: Andi & Senda - She's A Super Geek

    Andi (formerly Emily) and Senda, creators and show-runners of the well-known (and well-loved!) actual-play one-shot podcast She's A Super Geek, talk about what sparked their love of tabletop, what it means to be leading women in the RPG podcasting community, and why feminism and inclusivity at the table is so important.

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    E00: Get Hype!

    Get Hype now! I Am: Hear launches on May 1, 2018. This is what it's all about.

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